In order to promote succesfully the Solarscope product in your contry, we have promotional tools available on request:

Pratical storage information : before placing an order, you may find it convenient to know about the size & weight of our shipment boxes:
10 Standard Solarscopes : size : 57*36*47 cm. Weight 12 kgs
5 Educational Solarcopes : size : 68*36*50 cm. Weight 10kgs
10 Educational Solarcope cardboard : size : 68*72*50 cm. Weight 20 kgs
Palet shipment from 80 standard Solarscope or 40 Educational Solarscope orders

Brochures, leaflets: available in 6 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Czech.

Protection cardboards for single Solarscope shipments: In case you do not only sell from your shop but also accept mail orders, you may be intersted in these cardboards. Unit price: 2 euros. Minimum order: 10 pieces.

Display Unit: this very attractive furniture will show your Solarscope to advantage. It is also very convenient to storage 20 solarscopes in you shop.
It comes with one free demo solarscope to place at the top shelf.
Price of the display unit + 20 Solarscopes= 650 euros

Posters: we can print out posters on request

Advertisment: We endeavour to advertise at regular intervals in the main astronomy or science magazines. We appreciate to issue full pages adverts with a cost participation from our dealers to promote both Solarscope and your store. As an example we are ready to bear 40 % af the advertisment cost for a full page advert. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.