Solarscope™ : 3 versions are available

"Wooden Version" , traveller edition

"Wooden Version" for group viewing and education

"Education Version" for group viewing and education

"Standard Version" for personal viewing

+shipment cost
(see below )

+shipment cost
(see below )

+shipment cost
(see below )
+ shipment cost
(see below )

The Standard version is ideal to observe sun spots on a daily basis and also for transits of Mercury and Venus, and solar eclipses. The visual demonstration brings the topic to life and makes the subject much more lively and impressive.

The Education version is designed for people teaching astronomy topics in schools or observatories. It is also useful for users willing to go further than a simple observation.

It includes:

- 1 workshop instruction manual
- several accessories allowing to do the workshops as weight, wire and one measurement screen.

Education Kit supplied with Education version and wooden version

The Wooden Solarscope is designed for animators. It can be mounted or dismounted in 10 secondes. It is also convenient for continued oudoor uses as it withstands the rain. It does also include the education kit.

Replacement parts available
Bottom part
Top part
(cartridge )..............20€

Shipment costs ( prices in Euros)

Country to be delivered .................................................Quantity 1 5
France priority shipment 10 25
Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux prioritary shipment 15 30
UK and ther European countries prioritary shipment 20 35
Other countries prioritary shipment 35 100
Other countries economic shipment 25 75

These prices include packaging, shipment costs, but do not include local importation customs fee depending of each country ( excepted for EEC countries where no customs fees are applied) .